Lefteris Kavadas

Web developer

Hello there!

I 'm Lefteris Kavadas and i am a web developer from Athens, Greece. I have been involved in the web industry for more than ten years (since 2004). I have worked for several web agencies in Greece and on various technologies.

During the past years, as member of the amazing JoomlaWorks team, i had the chance to develop several extensions for the Joomla! CMS and work on astonishing projects like K2 .

Counting more than two millions downloads K2 is considered one of the most popular Joomla! extensions of all time. More information regarding K2 can be found at https://getk2.org .

Lately i started building my own Joomla! extensions which you can find at Firecoders website .

Currently working for DPG Digital Media, and whenever I am not building stuff for Joomla!, I like to dig into exciting technologies like Node.js and CouchDB.

Want to talk?

You can find me on Twitter, Github and LinkedIn or you can send me .